Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday, April 1, 2011

ADMT:Think of three ideas according to Energy Conservation before the next lesson.

I&E:Practice for your skit.

ICT:Do your video.

Maths:Do the graphs homework in maths blog and post a comment.Sign math test paper.

History:Do Unit 2 (pp 1-4) - Unit Menu, Names of SG, Founding Concepts

S&W:Record the the food you ate from Thursday to Sunday and do your analysis. Save the page as PDF (I think so) and put it into submit folder.

English: Do your shape poem

Tamil: Do your discussion and Thirukkural(Ask Siddarth what numbers)

Science: For those who went for CST do your extra worksheet


  1. Everybody please sent your S&W eLearning to mr Dennis via email.
    Mr Dennis asked me tell everyone this.

  2. For your history, please download the Unit 2 and fill up the first 2 columns of page 2 as well


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