Friday, September 23, 2011

23 September 2011

Today's homework:

Math - Please do the  Equation, Expression and Solution 2
English - Read through the given paper for the Performance Task
Higher chinese - Please go to the chinese blog and answer the 2 post by hu老师.
Higher Tamil -  பயிற்சி நூலில் பாடம் 4 - ல் உள்ள பயிற்சிகளை முடித்து வரவும்
ADMT - Try to finish you MMP and complete your Sketch up scene
Science - Remember to stay back on Monday 3pm - 4pm(If we co-operate with her)
Geography- Those who haven't complete it yet(graded assignment), the deadline is 12am, Sunday, no shoddy work is to be emailed to her. (Her email:
S&W- Those couch please do the sketch for the drills.

Good luck, and have a nice weekend :D


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