Monday, February 28, 2011

Homework 28 FEB

1: Do your Tesla assignment storyboard by wednesday.
2: Do your ICT homework by wednesday.
3: Post yourself reading the chinese ke wen by 1030 pm today.Read 第7期早报逗号在联合早报0507页,然后去 download ‘?????-2.pages’然后把问题全都做好。
4: Do your science activity 1 and 2, no need for the homework worksheet on moment.
5: No need for camera for ADMT tommorow.

Reminder:Remember to revise for HC test this thursday and for history test next monday.

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  1. Sry people for not posting up the blog.I had fencing training till 6 the i had to eat my dinner.Really sry for not posting.Thanks Marc for posting the hw up.


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