Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Homework March 1 2011

Maths: Do maths workbook according to the paper teacher gave us and write the answers on the foolscap paper. by Thurs

Chinese: Post chinese reading into the chinese blog by 5 pm today and read zb comma week 7 & 8 《高楼抛物》and《离家才知家的好》,then go to and download both documents and post it on the chinese blog.

ICT: Do ICT homework by tomorrow.

English: Tesla storyboard by tomorrow.

I&E: Finish up the script.

ADMT: Bring camera and toy.

Physics: Do moment 4 worksheets by friday (finish as much as you can) and also do whole of energy skate worksheet.(not sure when's the deadline)

Tamil: Thirukkural No. 106 and post your videos on the blog (Interview and Story Reading)

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